Go to Your Site Dashboard 

Select [Inventory] from the Left Menu

Inventory Page

Select [Add New] at top of page

Add a Title

Note: The first 7 words will be shown in the Listing Catalog. Full title will be shown on the designated listing page. 

Suggested Title Format: Year Make Model Key Feature (Ex: 2022 Delorian DMC Gull-Wing Doors)

Add Vehicle Description 

This is the long description that a prospective purchaser will see when they select the specific listing from the Listing Catalog.

Note: This will not be visible in the Listing Catalog – You’ll add that later

Select Vehicle Features 

You’ll find a list on the right side of the page. 

Add Featured Image

This will be the image shown in the Listing Catalog 

Scroll to More Fields (Skip Yoast SEO and WPCode Page Scripts)

Add Vehicle Images 

Note: The featured image from above should be added again as the lead image

Complete Vehicle Information Fields 

Vehicle Status Fields

Disregard the “On The Ground” and “Fast Shipping” boxes – not in use at this time. 

Select Product Status 

Active – On the Lot and Not Reserved 

Available Soon – Not yet at the lot, not reserved

Reserved – Still on the lot

Sold – It’s Gone!  

Custom Sold Message 

This message will replace the phone number on the Listing Catalog page once the product is marked “Sold” – If edited, keep it short.

Available Date 

Used Only if the “Available Soon” Status is used.

Note: “Available Soon” inventory is sorted chronologically by available date

Custom Excerpt 

Used on the Listing Catalog page to describe the vehicle. Max 19 words.


Field not currently in use

Sold Date 

Leave blank until vehicle is sold

Vehicle Listings and Cataloging

This information will be used to sort and catalog your listing on your site and the main site at minitruckdepot.com


Once all listing information is complete scroll to top of page and click [Publish]

Once published listing will appear on your site catalog and on the main catalog at minitruckdepot.com