Bling Your Ride With Exclusive Parts From Hard Cargo, Japan’s #1 Mini Truck Accessory Maker

Who’s Hard Cargo Japan?

Hard Cargo (Japan) is the No.1 mini truck accessory manufacturer in Japan … and, through Hard Cargo USA, they are the exclusive mini truck accessories partner of Mini Truck Depot. Since it’s beginnings in 2017, Japan’s Hard Cargo has been Japan’s go-to brand for accessories that enhance both the functionality and looks of the iconic kei mini trucks like the Daihatsu Hijet and Suzuki Carry.

Evoking the Japanese words 強固 (“Hard” – signifying strength) and 運ぶ (“Carry” – the verb meaning to transport), the brand Hard Cargo encapsulates both practicality and adventure. You see, in recent decades mini trucks in Japan had become associated with older farmers out in the sticks, but with it’s cool accessory parts, Hard Cargo is creating a revival in interest in these vehicles among younger people who love the outdoor lifestyle.

In fact, this may be more than just a revival – it looks more like a boom. Despite the fact that Hard Cargo Japan has been around for a few short years, and only just opened up a certified dealer network in 2022, they’ve found demand has been so great that they already have over 250 dealers carrying their parts across Japan.

Why Hard Cargo USA?

These Hard Cargo accessories make the perfect addition to the Japanese mini trucks sold by the Mini Truck Depot independent dealer network, which is why we are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Hard Cargo accessories in the United States. So, whether you’re looking for Japanese mini trucks for sale with Hard Cargo accessories pre-installed, or if you just want to give a mini truck you already own that extra edge, make sure you reach out to your closest mini truck dealer to learn more.

Hard Cargo Mini Truck Accessories

Let’s dive in to the amazing range of accessories and customizations from Hard Cargo that will make your Japanese mini truck really zing.

The Carrier

Got a surfboard or something else long you need to haul? The Carrier keeps the bed clear, and makes sure your view out the rear window isn’t blocked.

Finished with a scratch-resistant powder coating, this versatile Carrier can bear up to 220lbs.

(And check out the Carrier Basket below that pairs with this Carrier for even more hauling flexibility.)

The Carrier Basket

Double the versatility of your mini truck’s Carrier accessory with this basket that adds a whole extra layer of carrying capacity above the truck bed.

Perfect for throwing in your gear while keeping your mini truck bed clear. Ask your mini truck dealer about getting this with the Carrier as a set.

The Side Awning

If you’re going to get away from it all, then make sure you take time to enjoy the wilderness when you get there.

And how better than to load up your mini truck with camp chairs and gear so you can sit out under this side awning and take in the beauty of nature in style?

The Side Tent

So, you’re serious about the outdoors life? Then take the Awning one step further with this Side Tent that creates an enclosed area perfect for any wilderness trip – whether to the mountains or the ocean … or just down to the nearest lake for a relaxing afternoon with the kids.

Comes complete with carry bag and six tent pegs and is available in this Desert Storm Yellow color.

Hard Cargo side tent mini truck accessory with Daihatsu Hijet
Hard Cargo Lock Box mini truck accessory on Suzuki Super Carry mini truck

The Lock Box

Is this the Goldilocks sweet spot between Jumbo cab and van mini trucks?

Add this Lock Box Hard Cargo accessory, and gain a tough sealed-off compartment for your gear and tools that don’t belong exposed in the bed or up with you in the cab.

Need more capacity? You can even stack two of these next to each other!

The Lock Box Pipe Guard

An accessory for an accessory! Pair this with the Lock Box (above) and get protection for your Lock Box from being hit from behind by other gear in the bed. It’s not only practical.

This Guard also gives your Lock Box mini truck accessory an even more rugged look.

Ask your mini truck dealer about getting these two as a set.

Hard Cargo pipe guard accessory to protect the lock box
Hard Cargo rear cab guard to protect the back of your mini truck's cab

The Rear Cab Guard

Protect the back of your mini truck’s cab with this tough and stylish cab guard.

Vital if you are hauling anything that could end up hitting the rear window when you are bouncing around driving over uneven ground.

Plus, it just adds that extra visual messaging of toughness and practicality that helps your mini truck stand out from the crowd.

The Bed Extender

Mini truck beds are already much longer than what you get on a UTV.

But you can’t have too much of a good thing, though! That’s why Bed Extenders are such popular mini truck accessories.

Just add a Bed Extender and voila, you have an extra foot of length right away!

Hard Cargo bed extender accessory -- add an extra foot to your mini truck's bed length
Hard Cargo roof rack accessory -- get your gear out of the mini truck's bed and store it up top

The Roof Rack

A great place for tool boxes, back packs, camping or fishing gear – store it up top, and free up space in your mini truck’s bed.

Mini truck roof racks don’t come with lights, but you can always add some, such as these …

Work Lights

… Hard Cargo + IPF 2200 lumen waterproof  work lights.

Install them in a row as a light bar on the front of the Roof Rack, or mount them individually on any other bar (such as on the Carrier) to bring powerful illumination to any area of the mini truck you need.

Hard Cargo accessory lights for mounting on light bars or individually on other parts of your mini truck
Hard Cargo utility grid accessory helps keep the inside of your mini truck cab clutter-free

The Utility Grid

Add this tough, steel grid to protect the inside of the rear window of your cab, and gain extra hooks and storage for smaller items you would otherwise have lying around your mini truck’s cab..

Ideal for giving you more options to keep your mini truck cab clutter-free.

The Jumbo Net

Make the most of that extra space behind the seats of your Jumbo cab extended cab mini truck with the Jumbo Net.

It’s tough, practical design keeps that extra gear in place even with the most extreme off-road G forces.

Available in blue, orange, black and red.

Hard Cargo Jumbo luggage net accessory
Hard Cargo roof net accessory let's you trade headroom to gain extra stowage space in your mini truck

The Roof Net

Need stowage space more than headroom? Then the Roof Net is the answer.

Especially useful in high-roof models, like the Daihatsu Hijet Jumbo, this net helps you trade that extra headroom for some more storage space.

Just be careful: Make sure you check how much headroom you can afford to lose before buying.

Available in blue, orange, black and red.

The Spare Tire Mount

Be prepared: roadside assistance doesn’t reach into those backwoods trails!

But Hard Cargo has your back with this very popular Spare Tire Mount accessory so you always have an extra tire ready to get you out of trouble wherever you are.

Hard Cargo cab rear spare tire mount accessory means you can bring an extra spare with you on your mini truck adventures
Hard Cargo rope hole surrounds accessory makes lashing down a load easy, and also brings some visual style to your mini truck.

Rope Hole Surrounds

Add these durable stainless steel rope hole surrounds and lash down any load with style. Or, just add them as a cool accent to give your mini truck that extra personalized visual edge.

Available in black, yellow, white, red and blue finishes.

Easy Color Decals

Quickly add a vibrant splash of  personality to your mini truck with these Easy Color Decals.

Available in 24 different colors these Hard Cargo Easy Color Decals are simple to apply and give an extra layer of protection to your mini truck’s paintwork. There’s no quicker way to get your mini truck standing out from the crowd.

Hard Cargo easy color decals accessories help you bring visual flair to your mini truck, while also protecting the paintwork
Hard Cargo custom pad accessories for your mini truck

Hard Cargo Custom Pads

Protect your mini truck’s Carrier or Roof Rack metalwork and add some colorful accents with these wrap around custom pads.

Available in black, white, blue, orange and green, they also add some extra accents in those harder-to-reach places..

Roll Bar With Grab Handles

Not just a simple roll bar. No, you also get a pair of handy grab handles, and a place you can mount other item — like dials — while keeping their cables hidden away.

Sturdy steel construction with powder coat finish.

Hard Cargo roll bar with grab handles accessory gives you a place to mount dials as well as providing 2 handy grab handles for your off-road ready Japanese mini truck
Hard Cargo shift knob accessory adds a Hoonigan vibe to your mini truck

The Monster Gear Shift

You don’t want to be fumbling around for the gear shift when you really need to be paying attention to those trees and boulders. And with this beautifully machined, grippy aluminum gear shift, you won’t have to.

So if you want add a radical Hoonigan vibe to your mini truck, this Hard Cargo gear shift accessory may be just the thing for you.

Available in red, black or blue finishes.

Hard Cargo Mud Flaps

Yes, they’re practical and sturdy, but also how better to quickly add a cheeky splash of style to your mini truck?

New for 2022, these exceptionally durable mud flaps are available with white, red or khaki green lettering accents, and have a tough drilled aluminum plate to protect the trailing edge from wear.

Hard Cargo mud guard accessories add practical and hard-wearing style to your mini truck
Hard Cargo baseball hat with mini truck logo

Hard Cargo Baseball Cap

Okay, so maybe this one’s only for the hardest of hard-core Hard Cargo fans whose mini trucks are already tricked out to the max with Hard Cargo gear… but how better to signal to your mini truck aficionado friends that you’re “in” than with one of these high-quality black baseball caps, with a bold embroidered design in white, black or bright green?

Hard Cargo Mini Van Accessories

It’s not just Japan’s iconic mini trucks that get the Hard Cargo accessorizing treatment. The van models like the Daihatsu Hijet Cargo and Suzuki Every van don’t get left behind. Check out what Hard Cargo offers for these models here:

Hard Cargo mini truck van roof carrier

The Van Roof Carrier

Whether it’s the Flat Roof Carrier (left), or the regular Roof Carrier with the extra lashing points, Hard Cargo’s van roof carriers span the entire length of the roof, adding significant extra carrying capacity to your Japanese mini truck van model. Plus, they incorporate the bonus light bar mount at the front.

Made of tough steel construction, each Roof Carrier is rated up to 110lbs and is available for Daihatsu Hijet Cargo or Suzuki Every models.

Rear Ladder

You want to get to all that gear you just put on your fancy new roof carrier, right? Hard Cargo has the answer in this rear ladder.

Yes, it does block your access to the rear hatch, but remember you still have those wide sliding doors on both sides to get in and out of the rear passenger and load area.

Hard Cargo mini truck van rear ladder
Hard Cargo front grille skid plate protects the front underside of your mini truck

The Front Grille-Style Skid Plate

When off-roading gets serious, your mini truck needs serious protection.

So, rather than risking the bodywork, paintwork and bumper, get one of these rugged laser-cut, powder coated steel grille-style Skid Plate protectors to keep the lower front area of your mini truck safe.

Also available for pickup-style mini trucks as well.

How To Get Hard Cargo Parts

Ready to pimp your Japanese mini truck ride with exclusive Hard Cargo parts? Well, the only way to do it is to contact one of the dealers in our network. Not ordered your mini truck yet? Then get accessories fitted before it leaves Japan. Already have a mini truck here, but want to make it that little bit more special? Find your local dealer and ask about buying Hard Cargo accessories.