Japanese mini trucks can haul (up to 1700lbs), climb slippery slopes (with their 4WD and hi/lo selectable range), and even dump (some models, anyway), but some people have another question: How fast do mini trucks go? So let’s answer that here.

How Fast Do Off-Road Mini Trucks Go?

In the US, Japanese mini trucks are sold for off-road use only under Federal rules, with their maximum speed limited to 20 mph.

Now, that may sound like a major restriction, but think about how you actually use you mini truck. When you’re driving across your fields, 20 mph is more than enough. When you’re going hunting, or climbing rocky mountain tracks, 20 mph is absolutely fine. When you’re plowing the paths around campus, 20 mph is fine. When you’re driving around the fracking site, 20 mph is fine. When you’re bringing feed into the stalls for your horses, 20 mph is fine. When you’re hauling gravel across a construction site, 20 mph is fine.

So, for going off-road, a top speed of 20 mph is not a problem.

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