Have you noticed? There’s always an amazing spread of Japanese mini trucks for sale here at Mini Truck Depot. You may have notice how they’re all scattered about across the country and wondered what sort of mini truck dealer Mini Truck Depot is. Well, the answer is that Mini Truck Depot isn’t actually a single mini truck dealer …

So, What Is Mini Truck Depot?

That’s right! Mini Truck Depot isn’t a single mini truck dealer. It’s much bigger than that. What you’ll find here’s more like an Autotrader for Japanese mini trucks. Great idea, right? You see, Mini Truck Depot has dealers across the USA. Each of these dealers is an independent business, but their mini trucks are all advertised here. Why? Because Mini Truck Depot is the #1 website for Japanese mini trucks in the US — you’ll find more mini trucks for sale here than anywhere else — and find more and more detailed information about Japanese mini trucks here than anywhere else.

Listing their mini trucks here means more sales for our independent dealers, but it also means that you as the buyer have an incredible selection all carefully curated in one single portal. It’s a win-win.

How Can I Find A Mini Truck Dealer?

Looking for a Japanese mini truck dealer? There’s two ways to do this:

First up, let’s say you want to find someone local to you. A mini truck dealer you can drive to, look at his vehicles, maybe have a little test drive, and then pick one out, buy it, put it on your trailer and head home. That certainly is one option. If that’s the way you would prefer to buy your Japanese mini truck, then click here to be connected to your local dealer.

But what if your closest mini truck dealer doesn’t have the model you’re after. What if getting just the right model is more important to you than where it is? In that case, the best solution is to browse the inventory of mini trucks for sale at all our dealers and then use the contact form or phone number to get in touch with the dealer to find out more. Just because the mini truck’s across the country from you, that doesn’t have to be a deal killer. You’ll see that many of the happy customers on the sold mini trucks page actually drove across several states, or had their mini truck shipped from the dealer to them. At the end of the day, if you find the right model at the right price, distance isn’t such an obstacle.

Either way, our friendly independent dealers will be happy to help you get the perfect Japanese mini truck for your needs. Don’t be shy to reach out and ask for help.

Can I Become A Japanese Mini Truck Dealer?

Absolutely! Mini Truck Depot is always looking for people with entrepreneurial savvy and ambition who see the opportunities to sell mini trucks in their area. Just remember, this isn’t some sort of affiliate or franchise program. Our dealers really are genuinely independent businesses that purchase, advertise, and sell their own inventory. And you can do this, too.

But even though they’re independent of Mini Truck Depot, our goal is still to help our dealers become as wildly successful as possible. For example, think about how you arrived here on our website. It’s pretty likely you found us online, probably through a search engine. The vast majority of the >10k visitors we get here every month come to find a mini truck to buy, and are channeled directly through to our dealers — free leads! We also have a slick online system for making inventory purchases, managing those purchases, as well as posting them directly to your own mini truck dealer website (which we set up for you). Plus with our many years of experience sourcing vehicles from Japan, we’ve figured out the supply chain with our trusted Japan-side and US-side suppliers so that you can focus your energies on marketing and selling your mini trucks.

Interested in applying? The initial application form will take you about 3 minutes to complete and submit, and you can find it here. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Japanese mini truck body styles -- extended cab, dump, van, regular pickup, and crew cab