Although there’s always an amazing selection of nearly new and lightly used Japanese mini trucks for sale here at Mini Truck Depot, there are some good reasons why you may be wanting to get a literally brand-new Japanese mini truck built to-order just for you.

No, if you’re ready to go ahead with your order, just click here. But if you’d like to learn more about the pluses and minuses of buying to-order, read on …

Why Get A To-Order Brand New Mini Truck?

If Our Dealers Don’t Have What You’re Looking For

The independent mini truck dealers whose vehicles you can see for sale here usually have a huge variety of models either on the ground in the US, or touching down with them shortly. With such a great selection, most people can find an off-road Japanese mini truck that works for them pretty easily. Even if it’s a few states away, you can always drive a trailer over to pick it up, or the dealer can truck it to you.

But what if none of those dealers have the model you want? Perhaps it’s something rare (like the Suzuki Carry Scissor Lift Dump), or maybe it’s in an unusual color that has taken caught your eye and you just can’t find that model in that color (such as an Ice Green metallic Daihatsu Hijet Deck Van).

If this is you, one of our mini truck dealers will work with you to do a couple of things. First of all, if you don’t mind getting a demonstrator model with delivery mileage, or even a used one with a little mileage on it, then he may be able to find one that matches you dream-spec from our supply partners in Japan right away. And if that search comes up blank? Well, you still have the option of ordering one brand new.

When Only Literally Brand-New Will Do

There can be good reasons why you may not want to touch even a lightly used Japanese mini truck. Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience with a used vehicle in the past, and you just don’t want to repeat it. Or it’s simply that you always get all your vehicles brand-new. Or maybe you just love that new vehicle smell, and the knowledge that no one else has ever driven this particular one before you.

Whatever your reason, our dealer network can work with you to get a literally brand-new to-order Japanese mini truck.

How Does Buying A New To-Order Mini Truck Work?

Well first of all, we have a quick-and-simple order form for new mini trucks that you can find here. If you’re after one of the regular Daihatsu models, go through that form (it will take you about 2 minutes) and we’ll connect you with one of our independent dealers who will take it from there. But if you can’t find the model you want in that form, contact us here and we’ll patch you through to a dealer who can help you.

What happens next? Well, once you’ve worked with the dealer to narrow down the exact model, color, and specification you want, the next thing he will do is to ask you for a deposit. This will usually be of the order of a couple of thousand dollars. This kick-starts your order. The dealer will then place the order with the factory in Japan through our suppliers, and all you have to do is wait.

Now, the wait is a reason why some people decide to compromise on their desired specification. I mean, that color you love may be really attractive, but if it’s going to take a few months more, then you may find that’s something you’re willing to compromise on if there’s one on the ground right now for which the only thing different is that color. But still, the model you want may not have this option. Or it may be that it isn’t that urgent and so you’d just much rather not fudge anything and get the exact specification of new mini truck that you really want.

So, what sort of wait do we mean? Well, it all depends on the model. Here are some approximate times from the date of order, to the date of delivery in the US.

New Mini Truck Order Time Scales

  • Regular cab, fixed bed pickup models — about 3 months
  • Extended cab, fixed bed pickup models — about 3 months
  • Dump models — about 5 months
  • Crew Cab / Van models — about 4 months

Of course, a major factor in these times is the simple fact that getting a vehicle from Japan to the US, getting it through customs, and then getting trucked to its final destination isn’t a fast process. However, quickly Daihatsu or Suzuki can pump out new mini trucks, this delivery time is always going to be an issue.

Your mini truck dealer will make sure the whole process is handled without you needing to do anything, but we know that waiting is never fun. This is why you’ll get updates about your new mini truck order progress at key stages.

New Mini Truck Order Progress Stages

  • New mini truck order placed with supplier
  • Mini truck delivered to port in Japan.
  • Mini truck booked on ship.
  • Ship has left Japan.
  • Ship has arrived in the US.
  • Mini truck has cleared customs and is being trucked.
  • Mini truck has arrived at the dealer and is ready for picking up.

Clarification: What Exactly Is “Brand-New”

Let’s clarify a couple of things about your brand-new to-order mini truck:

First of all, this is not a factory import. These mini trucks are sold in Japan for the Japanese market. So, if you order one brand -from the factory, it is technically considered sold to the supplier in Japan, and then exported as a “used” vehicle. Obviously, this is just a bureaucratic legal label. Your off-road mini truck will not actually be “used” in any real, physical way. It will come from the factory to the supplier and directly on to the port and never be driven on any Japanese roads.

Secondly, just like a new car off the lot from your local Ford dealer here, your brand-new mini truck will have some delivery mileage on the odometer. It won’t read absolute zero, even though it is literally brand new. This is is from the final shakedown testing at the factory, and the new mini truck having been shuffled around ports and loaded onto trucks. This is usually of the order of around 4 miles, so it is absolutely negligible in the context of the life of the vehicle.

With all this in mind, if you’re ready to order a brand-new mini truck please go here. Prefer almost new and other used mini trucks available right away? Go here instead.

Japanese mini truck body styles -- extended cab, dump, van, regular pickup, and crew cab