Suzuki Carrys ruled the sales charts for 39 years straight, so these pickup-style Japanese mini trucks must be doing something right to keep the farmers, construction workers, and other working people of Japan happy. But sometimes you need more than a fixed bed to get the job done. You don’t just want to haul stuff. You want to be able to load up and dump stuff — whether that’s feed for your cattle, gravel or whatever. Hauling 1700lbs isn’t all you need. You want to be able to dump 1500lbs as well. If this is you, then you’ll find that the Suzuki Carry Dump models (or the Daihatsu Hijet Dump models) are going to be that Jack-of-all-trades that gets your job done.

Now these Suzuki Carry Dump mini trucks are still Suzuki Carrys underneath. So if you want to know about how they have comfortable, well-appointed interiors, how you can choose between automatic and manual transmissions, how they have tough 4WD powertrains, or anything like that, then head over to the basic Suzuki Carry page here and you’ll find all this and more. Because here, on this page, we’re going to be specifically looking at how these are great off-road dump trucks.

With that in mind let’s get into all the different kinds of dump mini trucks that Suzuki offers. We’ll start with the one that’s most similar to the fixed-bed model, the Kintaro Dump. (The Daihatsu Hijet equivalent would be the Low Dump).

(Please bear in mind that the photos on this page show these mini trucks with the standard factory wheels and tires — no lifts or more knobbly off-road tires fitted.)

Suzuki Carry Kintaro Dump

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: What on earth is a “Kintaro”, and what do “Kintaros” have to do with Japanese mini trucks? Well it all goes back to Japanese folk lore. You see, Kintaro literally means “Golden Boy”, and like modern superheroes, he had a super-power — strength. So you can see why Suzuki decided to name a model after him. After all, if you can dump 1500lbs, you’ve got to be strong, right?

These Kintaro models are most similar to the standard Carry mini truck. But let’s look at a couple of them so you can see what I mean.

(Now, the models you are going to see on this page are the DA16T latest iteration of the Suzuki Carry. The older DA63T models were also built in dump format, and you can usually find some of these for sale from our independent dealers here in case you want to see what those older models look like.)

Suzuki Carry DA16T Kintaro dump model in white and silver

So what do we have here? First of all, perhaps the least important thing — the colors. Not a huge range of choices, but this Kintaro model is actually the only one that has any choices at all. All the other ones are white … or white. So if color’s a big deal to you, and you really need that metallic silver, then this is the model. (Ironic there’s no gold option, given that Kintaro literally means “Golden Boy”, right?)

Now, for some more important points: First of all, check out the length of the dump bed. Yes, you can fit a lot in there — at lot more than in a UTV tipping dump. Suzuki advertises this as the longest mini truck dump bed, and they’re right. It’s just as long as the also-longest-mini-truck-dump-bed that you can find on the Daihatsu Hijet dump. It’s all a bit hyperbolic, but what it means for you is that you have two great choices if you’re going for this kind of dump mini truck model.

But remember that these dumps aren’t just about dumping. You can haul all kinds of stuff, too. So the fact that all three sides fold down makes on- and off-loading that stuff easy, and the nice height of the deck keeps the strain off your back.

The Suzuki Carry Kintaro Dump is available with a 3-speed auto or 5-speed manual (with hi-lo range) transmission, 4WD, and differential lock (manual model). So it gets you where you need to go, and can haul and dump with the best of them when you get there.

Suzuki Carry Sturdy Dump

What’s in a name? While “Kintaro” doesn’t really enlighten our American brains, “Sturdy” is a different story. You could probably pick out “Sturdy” at a lineup in the blink of an eye. It just looks the part. Check out how much tougher that load area looks compared with the Kintaro:

Suzuki Carry Sturdy Dump in white

So, apart from the different color, and the fact that I’ve switched the raised bed and 3-way opening bed mini trucks around in the image above, what else do you see that’s different? There are some on the surface, and some that are under the skin:

  • Can you see the strengthening pillars, two on each side and two on the rear gate? They help everything keep in shape when the bed’s fully loaded.
  • But what you can’t see is that the steel plating is one and one half 1/16 inch thick. That’s a lot of extra strength right there.
  • Then there’s what Suzuki calls the guard frame at the front of the bed that protects the back of the cab. Vital if you’re hauling something like gravel that can shift. You don’t want that slamming into the back of your cab when you brake, right?

This is where you appreciate how the Sturdy is actually sturdy. It’s a real step up from the Kintaro, which is more suited to light work. You need the Sturdy when you’re hauling and dumping heavy loads, like soil or gravel, on a regular basis.

Perhaps its biggest weak point is that, unlike the Daihatsu Hijet equivalent, this Suzuki Carry Sturdy Dump is only available with the electro-hydraulic mechanism, whereas the Daihatsu gives you the choice of that, or the even more powerful PTO unit. At the end of the day, this isn’t going to matter for a lot of users, but for the select few “power users” the all-day dumping that you get with the PTO option will likely tip (pun intended!) things in Daihatsu’s favor.

The Sturdy Dump gives you the same powertrain (4WD) and transmission (auto, or manual) options as the Kintaro, so the driving experience and off-road abilities are going to be just as good. So, whether you go for this model or the Kintaro is really going to go down to your dumping needs and your budget more than anything else.

But what if you’re after something a little more … eclectic? Suzuki does not disappoint: Check out the Suzuki Carry Scissor Dump.

Suzuki Carry Scissor Dump

Suzuki calls this the Lift Dump, but we use it’s more popular common name, the Scissor Dump. You see, it’s an amazing combination of a regular Kintaro Dump-type tipping mechanism and a scissor lift — keeping the whole platform level as it raises it up. There are literally no UTVs that can do this — it’s unique to Japanese mini trucks. Check it out.

Suzuki Carry DA16T Scissor Lift Dump

As you can see, at full stretch, this scissor lift dump can get the bed up pretty high, so it’s good to know that Suzuki has built in some convenience and safety features.

First of all, you can see there are 4 outrigger legs that connect directly onto the frame itself. These tuck away conveniently when you’re driving your mini truck around, but when you want to raise the bed, just fold out these outriggers and add extra stability to the whole platform. Just like having a buddy holding the ladder when you climb up, these are pretty important when you’re up there high above the ground.

The other really convenient feature is the remote control which has a 9 1/2 foot-long cable. So you can be up on the bed and still remain in full control. Or you can stand back as you raise it so that you can see what is happening around the vehicle and make sure it’s clear of over-hanging branches and the like.

It’s only available with the manual transmission, but this Scissor Lift Dump is a great option for a particular niche of mini truck users.

Buying A Suzuki Carry Mini Truck With Dump Bed

(Remember that if you’re wondering where the rest of the information about these Suzuki Carry dump mini trucks has gotten to, these dumps are based on the same models that have the fixed beds, so if you want to know more about all those non-dump features, like transmissions, AC & heat, hi-lo range, rear locking diffs and more that we haven’t gotten into here, head over to this page here.)

Suzuki Carry dump models may not be as popular as their Daihatsu Hijet brethren, but they still have a cult following in the US, so if you want to check out newer DA16T or older DA63T dump mini trucks, head over here to see Suzuki Carry dump mini trucks for sale.