When it comes to automotive, Toyota is one of the biggest players (or sometimes the biggest player) in the world. So it’s not surprising that this motor manufacturing behemoth also has a finger in the mini truck pie. But what may surprise you to know is that, when it comes to mini trucks, Toyota is a follower, not a leader.

In fact, if you take a look at Toyota’s Pixis Trucks and Pixis Vans, you’re going to have a feeling that you’ve seen these faces before. The same faces … but a different badge. And you don’t have to look too far within the Toyota group org chart to find which company is behind these mini truck models — yes, it’s Daihatsu.

It’s not really that surprising. You see, Toyota had owned a piece of Daihatsu for a long time when it finally pulled the trigger and bought the rest in August 2016. Daihatsu has been the #1 for Japanese mini truck sales for over a decade now, having wrested the crown from Suzuki’s grip. With Daihatsu making up 4% of the Toyota group’s worldwide sales, you can see how even the #1 spot in the mini truck world is not such a big deal for Toyota. On the other hand, being able to consolidate even more sales of one of their subsidiaries by effectively selling their products at Toyota-branded dealerships as well made a lot of sense. That’s why from 2011 Toyota started selling these rebadged Daihatsus under their new “Pixis” sub-brand.

So when you buy a Toyota Pixis Truck or Van, what you get is a Daihatsu Hijet regular cab model, or a Daihatsu Hijet Cargo van — just with Toyota badges instead. Which is good news, as these are incredibly popular, market-leading Japanese mini trucks.

Toyota Pixis Truck colors

Toyota Pixis: Model Options

Although the Pixis Truck and Van are simple Daihatsu rebadges, Toyota doesn’t offer the full variety of models and options that you can get through Daihatsu when you buy a Hijet.

For example, do you see those three colors above? These are the only non-white and silver colors available. There’s no Daihatsu Ice Green, for example. To be honest, this isn’t going to be a huge loss for the typical buyer as these 5 (in total) paintwork options cover all the most popular choices for your Pixis Truck. But still, the more options, the better, right?

Beyond exterior colors, there are some more fundamental pieces missing, which only Daihatsu can provide as Hijets. For example, a popular choice with the Daihatsu Hijet pickup is the higher roofline model, which gives about 3 inches of extra interior headroom. Want that for your Pixis Truck? Sorry, it’s not available. What about the extended cab a la Daihatsu Hijet Jumbo? Again, Toyota has no answer, as it only sells the regular cab model. What about the quirky crew cab mini truck that is the Daihatsu Hijet Deckvan? Again there’s no Toyota rebadge available. Finally, when it comes to the very popular Daihatsu Hijet Dump models, there’s no Toyota equivalent for these either.

This almost feels like a side-project for this huge corporation. Something they’re doing to make sure they’re not leaving any Yen on the table that could otherwise be scooped up by Suzuki and their OEM rebadge crew. For a Japanese person who’s used the same Toyota dealership for years for their other vehicles, it probably makes sense to go with a Pixis over a Hijet, simply because of that relationship and the convenience. But for Americans, there’s no reason to home in on an off-road Pixis in particular, unless there’s a good one available at a good price — in which case, you know it’s a great choice because it’s really a Daihatsu Hijet in (very light) disguise.

Buying Toyota Pixis Truck Or Van Japanese Mini Trucks

You will find the occasional Toyota Pixis model among the Daihatsu Hijiets here at Mini Truck Depot. But if you’re looking for an almost-new or lightly used off-road Japanese mini truck of this model, you’re going to have a lot more choice if you settle for the Daihatsu version, rather than holding out for a Toyota Pixis. Our dealers can definitely source one for you, but unless you have some overwhelming desire to have that Toyota badge, there really isn’t much of a reason to hold out for one.

Still really want to get your hands on a Toyota Pixis? See if we currently have any Toyota Pixis mini trucks for sale here, or contact us and we’ll connect you with a dealer who can help you source one.