Japanese mini trucks are amazing workhorses with all sorts of features built in as standard — AC, heat, power steering, power windows, reclining seats, headlights, windshield washers, wipers, brake lights etc. — and some even have dumping load beds. On top of all that, if you want to add some extra visual appeal to your mini truck, there are all kinds of Hard Cargo accessories that also add extra practicality while making your mini truck stand out.

But what about extra functionality? What can you add to your mini truck to give it super powers that the original, basic specification doesn’t allow?

Mini truck receiver hitches

It’s just a mini truck, but give it a chance, and it can tow as well! All you need is a rear receiver hitch, and you’re good to go. This is perfect for farmers and ranchers, in particular, as you can easily double the amount of gear or hay bales and the like that you can move around your property at one time. Plus, often a rear receiver hitch will come with a sturdy bumper, giving extra protection to the back of your mini truck.

Japanese mini truck rear receiver hitch

Mini truck snowplows

Or … fit a front receiver hitch to that received hitch and you’re all set to strap on a snow plow:

Japanese mini truck front snow plow mount

You see, mini trucks are truly incredible when it comes to clearing snow. Like ants, they are much more powerful than their size would suggest. Plus, with their relatively narrow track, they can also be used on paths to quickly and efficiently clear snow in narrower places that regular road-going vehicle just cannot reach. In fact, Fairview Park city schools in Ohio have been doing just that with their Daihatsu Hijet HD Dump mini truck to clear the campuses of their local schools. And they’re not the only ones. Mini trucks are very popular with colleges and municipalities as well for just this reason.

Mini trucks sold by our group of independent dealers are all compatible with a variety of Blackline Solutions and other snowplows. Often you’ll find our dealers selling packages that already include the snowplow as part of the deal. But even if that mini truck you have your eye on doesn’t come with one in a package already, you can always order one through the dealer — as they are all official snowplow dealers in their own right.

Mini truck salt spreaders

Of course, you don’t want all that snowplowing you’ve just been doing to go to waste, do you? (And you don’t want those kids to slip over on their way to class on those paths you just cleared.)

Well, here’s another use for that rear receiver hitch you’ve had fitted: It’s perfect for mounting a salt spreader as well. Shift the snow, then keep that ice at bay with the salt.

So, it’s not just school districts that are falling in love with mini trucks, it’s municipalities as well. With a snowplow rigged up to the front, and a dump bed and rear hitch with a salt spreader at the rear, the HD Dump mini trucks in particular are like Swiss Army knives, with all the tools they need to deal with pretty much any job. Particularly when it comes to dealing with snow, a properly kitted out mini truck is the perfect weapon to fight winter (and win), all while keeping warm in the fully weather-proofed cab, listening to your favorite tunes and enjoying the caffeinated beverage of your choice.

Mini truck rumble seats

A little change in direction here. Your local school district, municipality or college isn’t going to be ordering rumble seats for their mini trucks — especially if they have tipping dump beds!

Japanese mini truck rear-facing rumble seat / jump seat

But these are perfect for a different kind of user. Yes, these are more for your outdoorsman (or woman) or those of you who enjoy hunting. Mounted in the rear of the mini truck, these rear-facing rumble seats give your two extra passengers an excellent view of the surroundings. Each extra passenger has a seatbelt, so there’s no danger of being thrown off.

The mini truck is also perfect for this application, being nimble over off-road terrain, but also having a very quiet engine so as not to disturb the wildlife around you. Of course, the other option if you want to take your buddies out hunting is the Daihatsu Hijet Deck Van, with it’s deep rear bed, seating for 4, and two wide sliding back doors. While the rumble seats mounted in a regular Hijet truck will give two of your passengers a great view, they’re left to fend for themselves out in the rain, whereas in the Deck Van (crew cab) model, everyone gets to be inside together to enjoy the heat or AC as well as protection from the elements.

Anyway, whether rumble seats or Deck Van, the pleasure of going out into the wilderness is just the same.