Hijet Mini Dumps have such an incredible array of standard equipment compared to any other UTV on the market, you're sure to be pleasantly surprised. In fact, even if you check every box on a typical UTV option list -- pushing it's price way higher than the price of an equivalent Hijet -- you'll find you still can't match all the features. That's how far ahead Hijet Mini Dumps are.

So, let's take a look at the features and standard equipment you can find on Japanese Hijet Mini Dump UTVs for sale in the USA. But, before we dive in, let's be clear that not every model literally has every single one of these features. Certainly, the newest models will have a lot, but if you're not sure, or if there's a particular feature you really cannot do without, then of course ask before you buy. But be reassured, when it comes to the basic equipment everyone wants --  such as 4WD and AC + heat -- you can stop worrying right now, as these are standard.

Engine and transmission

Hijet UTVs are sold as off-road use only vehicles in the USA and are limited to a top speed of 20 MPH. However, even though they are for off-road use only, their engines and transmissions are so quiet and smooth that your experience from the cab is of levels of refinement far better than you have any right to expect from an off-road UTV. You see, these Japanese-built UTVs are powered by sophisticated 3-cylinder, 12-valve gasoline engines with electronic fuel injection. To anyone familiar with Kubotas, Can-Ams, Kawasaki or other work UTVs, this could seem incredible, but these vehicles are so quiet that the can even be driven around highly strung animals like horses and not spook them at all.

Hijet Mini Dump UTV automatic transmission

Automatic transmissions on some models

This sophistication doesn't just give you a nice, quiet ride -- it also means you achieve much better fuel economy of 35 to 40 miles per gallon, as compared to about 20 miles per gallon which is all you will see from an equivalent UTV -- or the 10MPG your pickup gets around the farm.

So you have this much more mechanically sophisticated engine, paired with a similarly sophisticated transmission. Again, these are properly NVH-insulated transmissions. They're built to be smooth, quiet, and user-friendly.

Depending on the model, you will find your Hijet Mini Dump UTV will have one of these four different kinds of transmission:

  1. 5-speed manual transmission + ultra-low range selector + rear locking differential
  2. CVT automatic transmission + rear locking differential

The automatic transmission option is called CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). This means that it doesn't have distinct separate gears. Instead, as the name suggests, it has an infinite range of ratios, so that it can always be in the right one to make best use of the engine's power and torque while accelerating smoothly, without the step changes of traditional auto gearboxes. So, if you just want to focus on where you're going across the fields, and don't want to think about shifting, then this CVT automatic transmission will work well for you. You'll find it's so quiet, smooth and sophisticated when compared to what you're used to in a Kawasaki, Kubota, or Can-Am.

Suspension, wheels and tires

Japanese mini truck under carriage and suspension
Hijet Mini Dump UTV undercarriage and suspension

Each suspension setup is optimized for your particular Hijet Mini Dump UTV, so that it is safe and stable off-road. This will give it around 10 inches of ground clearance, as well as the ability to haul and dump up to 1500lbs of load in the case of the Hijet HD Mini Dump model.

This underside photo also gives you a good idea of the high level of engineering that goes into these Japanese Hijet UTVs. They may be cheaper than other similar UTVs, but that's not because the manufacturer has skimped on sophistication or quality.

4WD system

Fundamentally, these Japanese Hijet UTVs have been designed and built from the ground up for agricultural and other real working jobs -- and Japanese working people have relied on millions of them for generations. So it goes without saying that all of them sold in the USA come with 4WD as standard. All new models also have a locking rear diff to complement the 4WD system and make it even harder to get stuck in muddy trouble.

While older Hijet UTVs used to have a push-button 4WD selector to save fuel, only running in full 4WD mode when really needed, he latest Hijet Mini Dumps are even smarter: their 4WD systems make this decision for you, and only deploy the full 4WD when they sense conditions really require it.

Extra traction when you need it, more fuel economy when you don't.

Body and cab

Line up a Hijet UTV next to a Can-Am, Kubota, John Deere, or Kawasaki, and you can quickly see how the Hijet is a complete revolutionary leap: No flimsy, or even non-existent, doors. No gaping holes for windows or windshield. No over-priced thin plastic roof. I mean, just check out this HD Dump model:

Whichever Hijet UTV model you choose, it will have a strong, fully weather-proof steel cab. You see, these Japanese Hijet UTVs are literally constructed in a completely different manner to those other UTV models: Where traditional UTVs have a primitive steel tube chassis with panels attached to it, Hijet UTVs have a full welded steel shell.

This is safer for you in the event of a roll over, and it's much more effective in keeping the weather out (whether that's wind, rain, snow, or whatever). The stiffer structure keeps the passengers insulated from noise and vibration as well. So, working off-road in your Hijet UTV happens to be safer, more comfortable, and less tiring than riding in any comparable UTV side-by-side.

Plus, the galvanized steel used in the bodies and cabs of these Japanese Hijet UTVs isn't just strong. It's also undergone special treatment to maximize rust-resistance so that your vehicle doesn't just keep on looking good, but also keeps on running for many years of hard off-roading work.

Interior and comfort

It's not just the cab's construction that's night and day compared with other UTVs. There are just so many things you'll notice as you climb inside that will surprise and please you if you're trading up.

Comfortable, hard-wearing adjustable seats with water-proof fabric

Once inside and out of the weather, you close the door behind you (with a satisfying thud, rather than the rattle that you hear from your John Deere) and take a look around the cabin. Your first impression? Just how familiar it seems. After all, you have a regular steering wheel with stalks for the windshield wipers. Behind the wheel there's an instrument display with all the dials and warning lights you'd expect.

Not wanting to spill your coffee, you secure it in one of the cup holders. You find your hand falls very naturally to the center console with it's AC controls and stereo, as well as buttons for the differential lock and more. As you set the AC / heat to a comfortable temperature you notice the myriad of adjustable vents that aim the airflow just how you want it, and you set it to blow on the windshield to stop it fogging up. Maybe it's not so cold after all, so you decide to turn off the heat and wind down the windows instead. The safety glass cranks down smoothly and quietly.

Someone else has been using your Hijet Mini Dump, but no problem -- the seats are easy to adjust, so settling in and finding a comfortable driving position is never a problem. In fact, you're pleasantly surprised at just how roomy the cab is (even for over 6-footers) despite the external dimensions. Getting ready to move off, you reach bacl, pull on the safety belt and strap in. The shifter is on the left, but it's easy in this CVT model -- the accelerator and brake are in the usual places, so you just slot it into "Drive", point, push and go.

The visibility is excellent out of the proper safety glass windshield, and if there's any rain, snow, or dirt, the standard wipers with their windshield washers make quick work of it. And it's not just the forward-facing visibility that you appreciate: With the large side mirrors, you get a great view of what's going on behind you, which is particularly useful when you're reversing to hook up your trailer.

Did you notice just how many convenience and comfort features we just name-checked? And that's not all. We could have talked about the hard-wearing water-resistant seat covers, the storage spaces and glove box, the sun visors, the rugged floor mats and carpet, interior lighting and more. All of this to make your off-road work experience more convenient and less uncomfortable.

Load bed

Japanese Hijet UTV load beds are noticeably different from those of other UTVs in that they are considerably longer. In the case of the Hijet Mini Dump models, this is around 78 inches in length. That's longer than you will find in a lot of on-road pickup trucks!

Daihatsu Hijet Dump load bed with side flipped down
Hijet Mini Dump load bed with side flipped down

It's not just about the size of objects you can load into your Hijet UTV cargo area, it's the weight as well. The Hijet HD Mini Dump models are particularly great at hauling with a max load capacity of 1500lbs.

Hijet Mini Dump UTV hauling logs

Try hauling that many logs in your Gator!

Now, here's a feature you won't see on a regular UTV that's standard on these Japanese Hijet UTVs -- three-way opening. What's that mean? No more having to hoist gear up high to get it over the sides of the bed. Just pop the cotter pins and flip down the side you need to access. And that could be on the left, right, or at the rear, so whatever you need to get at back there, you'll find it within comfortable reach. On- and off-loading has never been easier -- not just on your muscles, but on your back, too.

The Hijet Mini Dumps, with their powerful electro-hydraulic or PTO-powered mechanisms, are perfect for hauling and dumping dirt, logs, or whatever. You get the size of the fixed beds plus the convenience of the three-way opening and then, on top of that, you have this hugely powerful dumping mechanism. The HD models have beds that are specially reinforced as well. You can read more about Dump models here but, suffice to say, there's a good reason we call them the Swiss Army Knives of the UTV world.

Equipment master list

Be sure to speak with your dealer about the exact equipment on the particular vehicle you are looking to purchase, but here is as close as we can get to a definitive list of equipment that you can find on Japanese Hijet UTVs.

  • AC & heat
  • Power windows (some models)
  • Power steering
  • Proper seats
  • Cup holders
  • Remote unlocking (some models)
  • Power door locks (some models)
  • Sun visors
  • Switchable 4WD (some models)
  • Start-stop technology (some models)
  • Automotive-grade frame
  • Tipping dump beds
  • Locking diff (some models)
  • Weather proof cab
  • Windshield wipers
  • Headlights
  • Power outlet (some models)
  • Glove box
  • Central door locking (some models)
  • Adjustable AC vents
  • Door mirrors
  • Powered door mirrors (some models)
  • Grab handles
  • Door pockets
  • Load bed lighting
  • 3-way opening bed
  • Interior lighting
  • Cigarette lighter
  • AM / FM stereo
  • Window rain visors (some models)
  • Key-free entry (some models)
  • Windshield demister
  • Rugged off-road tires
  • Tough, off-road suspension
  • Frugal, quiet engine