Getting a mini truck is just like getting any other vehicle — you’re investing a lot of money, so you want to make sure your investment is safe. Sure, everything will wear out eventually (although mini trucks do have a reputation for being notoriously hard to kill), but the last thing you want is to be on the hook for a large repair bill when you’ve still only had a short time to enjoy it. And that’s why we are so pleased to be able to have our independent mini truck dealers offer warranties on all the mini trucks they sell.

Before we go any further …

Whoa there a second! Let’s be really clear about this: Everything you read here only applies to mini trucks bought from Mini Truck Depot independent mini truck dealers that are put under warranty at the time of purchase. The good news is that if you want to buy a new or used Japanese mini truck, then any of the mini trucks offered for sale by our dealers on the mini trucks for sale page here will automatically come with one. See other mini trucks being offered for sale somewhere else? They won’t have this warranty coverage.

Mini truck warranty details

Mini truck warranties are available for all the brand new and used mini trucks you can find at Mini Truck Depot-affiliated dealers, so you have peace of mind knowing that whatever you buy from our dealers will have warranty coverage. The warranty program itself is run by a leading vehicle warranty provider that’s one of the oldest companies in this business, having been operating since 1984. And not only do they have a long history, but they also offer warranty solutions for many different kinds of vehicles, so you can be sure that they are an experienced partner able to back up the warranty for your mini truck.

(Of course, everything you read on this page is basic overview of the warranty in simple terms. To get all the details, ask your mini truck dealer for all the documentation. This is just an informational page, not a legally binding document.)

Mini truck warranty coverage

Our Japanese mini truck warranty package covers the most important (and expensive to fix) parts of your mini truck — engine and transmission. These are the parts which could be put under the most strain, and you certainly don’t want to be without coverage and have to fix these kinds of core mechanicals on your own dime.

Mini truck warranty term

How long your mini truck warranty lasts will depend on whether it’s new or used. Let’s take a pause here and define those terms: So, “new” for the purpose of these mini truck warranties means this — the vehicle is either from this calendar or last calendar year, plus — in addition to this — has 300 miles or less on the odometer. So a mini truck that was built last year, but it has sat around unsold with only 15 delivery miles on the odometer will still be counted as new. On the other hand, a mini truck that was built this year, but already has 1,000 miles on the odometer would not meet the standards of the “new” classification — it would be called “used”. Pretty simple, right?

But what difference does it make if your mini truck is classified as “new” or “used”? Well how your mini truck is classified affects the term of the warranty:

  • NEW mini truck coverage term: 12 months / 12,000 miles
  • USED mini truck coverage term: 6 months / 6,000 miles

Japanese mini truck and UTV warranties compared

It’s not possible to give a complete apples-to-apples Japanese mini truck v. UTV warranty comparison, because of the details of the different warranties — even between different UTV makers. So we’ll need to generalize a little, but the first thing you will notice is …

Mini truck warranties win on length

The vast majority of UTV manufacturer warranties for new purchases will only cover your vehicle for 6 months. The major exception to that is Kawasaki, which has a 36-month warranty.

Mini truck warranties win on coverage

The typical UTV side-by-side warranty will cover your vehicle against manufacturing defects. Basically, was it put together properly or not with parts that were made properly or not. Yes, this is important, but it’s surely the lowest possible bar for coverage?

What about the mini truck? Well, in contrast, the mini truck is covered in the case of a mechanical breakdown, and whether you can prove a manufacturing defect or not, it doesn’t matter.

Mini trucks win on quality

Of course, no one actually wants to make a warranty claim. You want to pick up your mini truck, stash the warranty paperwork away and not spend another moment thinking about it while you drive around off-road for the next decade or two with a grin on your face.

So, again, this is a win for the Japanese mini trucks. You see, you don’t get to be leaders in the automotive world in Japan, a country with famously exacting consumers, if you sell products that just don’t cut it. Daihatsu and Suzuki, the two leading mini truck makers, have stacked up almost 15 million mini truck sales between them in Japan.

The One-Two Punch

So, you want an off-road vehicle that’s reliable and has it’s critical parts properly covered just in case there’s a problem? Well, mini trucks have those UTV side-by-sides beat with excellent underlying ruggedness and quality, as well as generally better warranty packages.

Want to browse mini trucks for sale at our dealers? Go here now. Or do you want to learn more details about the warranty packages that come with mini trucks sold by our independent dealer group? Find the dealer nearest you here.