Why Get A Mini Truck?



Mini trucks are built tough to meet the demanding needs of any hardworking Farmer.

  • Tow and haul more than side-by-sides
  • Mini trucks are more versatile than any tractor
  • Help you efficiently manage many on-farm projects
  • Save thousands, and get more standard equipment than a UTV
  • Over 50% better gas mileage than a side-by-side.


Japanese 4x4 mini trucks are tougher and more comfortable than a UTV at a better price

  • Simple and functional operation
  • All weather protection
  • Longer load beds
  • Powerful dumping mechanisms
  • 3-way opening load beds

Safety & Comfort

  • Fully enclosed steel cab
  • Seat belts
  • Adjustable head restraints
  • Safety glass
  • Rear & side view mirrors
  • Tail lights and head lights with HI-LO beams
  • Full gauge and instrument cluster
  • Heat & AC


Mini trucks go off-road anywhere you need to go.

  • Shift in/out 4×4 with HI LO Range
  • 660 cc mid-engine design with low center of gravity
  • Off-road tires with suspension upgrade and lift
  • Safe with excellent stability
  • Better ground clearance than most side-by-sides

The Right Tool

Having a mini truck on your side means being able to get stuff done quicker, more efficiently and more comfortably than the alternative.

  • Durable, safe load carrier
  • Pull a variety of farm implements
  • Transport animals using the galvanized stock crate
  • Muck out stalls
  • Quiet durable engine
  • 5 foot wide, easily fits through gates and barn doors

Ready To Get Started?