Japanese Mini Trucks Are The Ultimate Snow Terminators: Fit A Blackline Solutions Snow Plow & Clear Snow In Warm Comfort This Winter

Our Independent Mini Truck Dealers Are Certified Blackline Snow Plow Dealers

Black Line Solutions LLC


  • 16-gauge cold-rolled steel blades
  • 4 vertical steel support ribs
  • Blade locking during grading
  • Built tough for tough work


  • 4 custom trip springs
  • Replaceable moldboard and wear bar
  • Powder-coated finish with 5000-hour UV protection


  • Quick-mount system using front receiver hitch
  • Great visibility for plowing from the truck!
  • Heated cabs keep you warm

Down pressure is a MUST. Blackline did it first & do it best.

Down pressure keeps the plow on the ground and scrapes away hard pack and ice making your mini truck even more effective at terminating snow!

BlackLine Japanese Mini Truck Snow Plow Systems

Electric Actuator Plow Lift

  • Easy to mount key-pad control
  • 600 pounds of down pressure
  • Manual angle adjustment
  • Buy as a package with your mini truck

Hydraulic with Power Angle

  • Joystick control
  • 600 pounds of down pressure
  • Incorporated float mode when down pressure is not needed
  • Quick, smooth operation
  • Fully operable while seated
  • 3-year Limited Warranty
  • Get as a package with your mini truck