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Japanese mini trucks are the best all-season, any weather offroad use only work UTV for farmers, outdoorsmen, hunters, ranchers and much more! Here at Mini Truck Depot, you will find the widest selection on the ground in the US.

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Mini Truck Depot is the #1 site to find Japanese mini trucks for sale near you in the USA. Shop 4x4 kei truck models such as Daihatsu Hijet, Suzuki Every, Subaru Sambar, Honda Acty, Toyota Pixis, Nissan Clipper, Mazda Scrum and Mitsubishi Mini Cabs in many body styles. All vehicles available for sale here at Mini Truck Depot  are owned by independent mini truck dealers across the United States. This site is the marketing arm of Import Vehicle Services LLC, which is licensed by the EPA to legally import Japanese mini truck UTVs into the US. All vehicles listed here are sold for off-road use only with the respective end user owners solely responsible for remaining in compliance with all relevant Federal and state laws.