Built To Work, Built To Last

Mini Trucks

  • Best all-season workhorse UTV’s
  • Push button hydraulic dump bed with warranty
  • Comfortable ride with AC, Heat, & Accessories

Compact Mini Trucks Packed with Power!

Built to work
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Smart 4WD System

Deep snow? Deep mud? No Problem! Extra traction when you need it most.

Built to last
Daihatsu Hijet Jumbo on tracks green

Tough Off-Road Suspension

Safe and stable off-roading work with a mini truck.

Built for you

Push-Button Hydraulic Dump Bed

Haul and dump with powerful tipping dump beds.

The Best Tools For The Job

There’s no end to what you can do with your bullet-proof tough, off-road 4×4 Japanese mini truck. With the right balance of power, speed, and durability, our mini kei trucks handle heavy-duty projects even in the most extreme off-road conditions, while you enjoy the quiet, spacious cab, with its AC, heat and comfortable seats.

If you have a job to do — hauling dirt, shifting feed, cleaning out stables, carrying equipment, plowing snow and more — in difficult, off-road environments, then these mini 4×4 Japanese trucks are just what you need. Ready for any off-road job and in demand from farmers, outdoorsmen, oil industry, construction companies, ranchers and much more!

Japanese Mini Truck off-road 4×4 UTVs

Leading the way in performance, equipment, quality, price and longevity. These Hijets are the best all-season workhorse UTVs on sale today.